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Australian Recording Industry Association. Katy stands at a gateway flanked by two pillars.

The next scene is in sharp contrast to the rest of the video. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Katy is doing what is expected of her in front of the cameras. Even the caterpillar dude is there! Some could call them a Demon. Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning. While this might not be obvious to most people, those who have some knowledge of the subject of mind control find it extremely blatant.

Katy Perry s Wide Awake A Video About Monarch Mind Control

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In Conclusion

In Conclusion

Heres the lyrics to the song you mentioned. There appears to be two main paths for programming, a blue way and a red way. Speak with a priest and do something about it. Nyc Observation Parquet Courts. Recording Industry Association of America.

Select singles in the Format field. While it explains some part of the video there are a lot of parts that Katy herself all but confirms are sinister. The answer may lie within each listener. The camera pans up to show the entire labyrinth, while also revealing a hill with light shining through the clouds onto it.

Redirected from Wide Awake Katy Perry song. The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Wide Awake - not necessarily the song. Wide Awake Parquet Courts.

As weird as this may sound it seems very likely, please bear with me on this. There are actually such happenings creeping without our knowledge. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. It also explains the otherwise puzzling plots of the videos. It's kind of like coming down from a high.

Why are all of these symbols found in these unrelated videos any countless others? Did you find this review helpful?

Is it that the pop stars are trying to warn us? Some people, however, do not want to see that happen. The production coordination was helmed by Irene Richter and Katie Mitzell.

Wide Awake - Katy Perry - Sheet MusicExplorar m s v deos

Tenderness Parquet Courts. Support The Vigilant Citizen on Patreon. Perry sees a strawberry, picks it off and eats it, and the walls close in on her. Looking through the mirror, Katy sees nasty-looking paparazzi.

Wide Awake - Rayland Baxter

Wide Awake - Rayland Baxter

She has told me and my friends about music videos and songs from Katy Perry before they came out. Recording Location Music City U. The music video was met with acclaim from most critics, music store website template with a number of them deeming it the best video to date from Perry. Everything to Me Rayland Baxter.

She is wearing her now famous pink wig. Not the arrangement you were looking for? Probably because there is more to the video than meets the eye. While before it was all about fantasy and mystery, we are now in a cold, sterile health institution.

In esoteric symbolism, pillars guard the entrance of sacred and mystical places. Upon leaving the institution, Katy and her core persona find themselves back in the fantasy land.

Explorar m s v deos

Federation of the Italian Music Industry. Introspection Late Night Partying. Perry pushes the walls, as a firework shoots from her chest into the dark sky.

He praised the song's composition, provided by Dr. Perry returns to her dressing room and opens her fist, revealing a butterfly. At the beginning of the video, we see Katy completing the filming of her popular video California Gurls. Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture. Handlers actually want their subjects to dissociate as it facilitates programming.

Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc. References to this practice occur often in mass media but are often coded using specific symbols and imagery. America's Best Dance Crew. Katy may be a slave to the music industry, but she has the power and freedom to leave it at anytime.

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Wide Awake fully utilizes this set of symbols, which gives the storyline a deeper, and more disturbing, meaning. The lyrics of the song convey this sense of liberation from a deceitful and oppressive state of mind.