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The Islamic prophet Muhammad. Harry Potter Discuss the Harry Potter movies and books. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Film History and Meaning Discussions on the history of film-making and the language of cinema. Terms and Conditions still apply.

Automobiles and Transportation. They are attacked but win the Battle of Badr. Discussions on economics, business, money, finance, including personal finance. General General Discussion Talk about anything here.

And We have not sent you (Muhammad) except as a mercy for all the worlds

DeMille Bible epic, but the direction and pace is far more languid. Goofs From boom mikes in shots to cameras reflected in the window, this is the place to discuss that great trivial pursuit of finding goofs that made it into the final cut. The Meccans and the Muslims closed a year truce. Lists and Recommendations Create and share lists and recommendations. Current Shows Discuss shows currently airing new episodes.

Something too good to be true probably is. Collectibles and Memorabilia What do you collect? Soundtracks and Scores Discussions on soundtracks and scores for film and tv.

Latest Posts A round-up of the latest posts from all around the site. The Monthly Film Bulletin.

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As a result, more enemies will come and hunt Muhammad and his companions from Mecca and confiscate their possessions. Film General Film topics not covered in the boards below. They head north, where they receive a warm welcome in the city of Medina and build the first Islamic mosque.

Music General Discuss music of any kind not just movie related. Actors and Actresses Discuss your favorite performers. The Muslims thought that the Meccans had done so.

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Post your list, and get recommendations. Now Playing and Upcoming Films Discuss films currently in theaters and those coming soon. His words, as he spoke them, were repeated by someone else such as Hamza, Zayd or Bilal. The film is to be financed by a Qatari media company and will be supervised by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Please update this to reflect recent events or newly available information. The Untold Story Omar Khaybar. From best boys to producers, discuss the other favorite people who help bring the magic to the screen. Gradually, almost the entire city of Mecca begins to convert. The Soapbox Here's the place to post your heated discussions that might irk the members of more tame boards.

The makers of this film honour the Islamic tradition which holds that the impersonation of the Prophet offends against the spirituality of his message. Post test messages, start off-topic discussions, anything that isn't covered by any other board. James Bond Discuss the James Bond movies and books. Movie stand-ups, action figures, insulators? Other Moviemakers From best boys to producers, online java decompiler discuss the other favorite people who help bring the magic to the screen.

Free advice is worth what you paid for it. Directors Discuss your favorite directors.

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European Cinema Discuss films made in Europe. Discussions on religion, faith and spirituality. The Messenger of God Bilal.

Blu-ray Disc Releases Discuss the latest releases on Blu-ray. Mohammed chooses peace for a moment, but still gets permission to attack. Shop Talk Actors Discuss your craft with other actors.

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Discuss film festivals past, current, and future. They surrendered and Mecca came into the hands of the Muslims. Puzzle This is the place for Puzzle and Sudoku style games.

Akkad went to al-Gaddafi for support in order to complete the project, and the Libyan leader allowed him to move the filming to Libya for the remaining six months. Food and Drink Comestibles and Elixirs. The Sandbox A free-for-all area. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mohammad, Messenger of God.

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Judge not lest ye be judged! BritComs Talk about your favorite British comedies. The artistic elements behind filmmaking. Theater Awards Discuss Tony and other theater awards. Crime, Police, Detective, Conspiracy Shows featuring crime, police, true detective, conspiracy, spy stories.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Akkad also filmed an Arabic version of the film in which Muna Wassef played Hind simultaneously with an Arab cast, for Arabic-speaking audiences. Meanwhile, Muslim camps in the desert were attacked in the night. Welcome Box Office Mojo fans. Indian Cinema Discuss films made in India.