The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 24

Ravi Kapoor as Anthony Gupta. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Dinkler stopped to deliver the stolen client list to Gupta but the policemen's intervention forced Gupta to detonate the bomb. However, the real killer, the family doctor tries to hide Abby's body in the coffin and is caught red-handed.

The Mentalist (season 3)

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Strawberries and Cream Part 2

It would be the beginning of a whole different story. Rigsby speaks with ex-cons including his father, Steve, who despises his cop son. Michael Gaston as Bertram.

Crosswhite surrenders and Nail reports there was no letter revealing he is the real murderer. Kassandra Carrington as Mimi.

He killed the boyfriend to conceal his truth. In a touching scene, Patrick and Dr.

Cho finds a photo of James with Hightower. Apologizing to Van Pelt, as he is about to shoot her and Hightower, Lisbon distracts him enough for them both to draw their guns and kill him. Jane drives Lisbon, but they go to the gas station, and find the person behind the set-up to be Gupta.

The information is found to be accurate and Kristina is found alive, but catatonic. Bowman and Kittel were in prison together.

Part one was written by executive producer Ashley Gable and part two was written by series creator and executive producer Bruno Heller. One client on Cash in Motion's list is Max James who, when checked on, is found dead in his house after being tortured. Pruitt Taylor Vince as LaRoche.

Tweets from The Mentalist. Soon after his show's shocking season finale, The Mentalist creator questioned whether or not Patrick Jane actually killed Red John. List of The Mentalist episodes. It was perhaps last season's boldest finale. The episode ends with Jane casually going back to finish his tea, niramay kamjivan before surrendering to armed security officers who rush to the scene.

Wagner has received letters from a woman obsessed with Jane. He pries Hightower away from the briefing and tells her about the Johnson's connection to Red John. Jennifer's husband, Max Winter, finally admits to having shot Dahl nine times in the face but says that Dahl was already dead when he shot him. Van Pelt is cleared and she turns down LaRoche's offer to spy on her team.

Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names. We won't dodge any issues. Thing is, Red John is a master of the mind game. Jane rings Lisbon and warns her.

The case expands to several previous policemen murders, and forces the killer to break his normal full moon killing cycle to keep from being exposed. So was it really Red John? Montague and Jane strike a friendship and, as a gift, she gives him a profile she put together for Red John.

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Jane wells up, and shoots him dead. In an elaborate canary trap scheme, the agents inform the suspects about the location of Hightower.

Lisbon pursues the possible locations that the code may point to. The two had a long, intense conversation as Jane tried to confirm that he was indeed in the presence of his nemesis.

When Lisbon Robin Tunney and Jane check out the gas station, the station attendant Gupta claims Dinkler was trying to get to the bathroom. Steiner invites Patrick and requests him to witness his death so there is no investigation. Rigsby is forced to turn to his ex-con father to help solve the murder of a prison guard. Lisbon learns Newton's badge was swiped in Radiology, and was used thrice as much in the past month.

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Amber, a documentary filmmaker is found dead in her home. Lisbon orders Cho to forget what he found and asks him to trust her. Jane plants a rumour that the maestro was having an affair with Eleanor to reveal the real killer. The stolen figurine is discovered at Hightower's house and she is declared a wanted fugitive. They watch her unpack handcuffs, rope and knockout drugs but as Cho and Rigsby hold her at gun point she jumps to her death.

Audible Download Audio Books. Rigsby tells Van Pelt he is still in love with her and won't attend her wedding. He finds Lisbon unconscious and, like Dinkler, with a bomb strapped to her chest. Carla Barnett as Female Customer.