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It is a faith-provoking book about the end times as foretold in the Bible. This future False Prophet is going to be a devilish John the Baptist. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The other portrait shows the Messiah as a conquering king with unlimited power, who comes suddenly to earth at the height of a global war and saves men from self-destruction. They point out that the marvelous technological advances of science will overcome the bur- geoning boom in human beings on this earth. These men used what may be called the golden rule of interpretation which the Biblical record of fulfilled prophecy indicates is correct. We can imagine how petulant Ahab must have been when he replied. We sit with fascination before our television sets as we are transported out of the present and into the tomor- rows.

The Late Great Planet Earth

The Late Great Planet Earth - Hal Lindsey Carole C. Carlson - Google Books

The confederates who are relevant to this chapter are the Arabic nations. Navy turned back the Japanese at the Battle of the Coral Sea. And he said that if we don't solve these problems in this decade, we are approaching the time when they will be beyond our capacity to control. Just think how excited a woman can get about a new wardrobe.

This book is actually about Bible prophesy, specifically the end times. According to Lindsey, it is meant to be taken literally. Israel Reborn The same prophets who predicted the world-wide exile and persecution of the Jews also predicted their restoration as a nation.

The attack upon the Russian confederacy and the resulting conflict will escalate into the last war of the world, involving all nations. She sent word, it is reported, to the late President Kennedy prior to his trip to Dallas, warning him that he would be killed there. All the proud kings of Chaldea, and later Babylon, had staff astrologers to advise them con- cerning the future. Men who have studied events that were to occur shortly before the great holocaust known as Armageddon are amazed as they see them happening before their eyes. In this future invasion, however, tharapadham karaoke God Himself will see to it that the river is dried up so that a trap is set for triggering the last great war of mankind.

If you have no curiosity about a subject that some consider controver- sial, you might as well stop now. The beast is the same as the Antichrist who according to Lindsey's interpretation is a man who will be worshiped and whose authority comes from Satan. They went from the testing of a crude atomic bomb to the successful test firing of an H-bomb in two and one half years. In a book of the Old Testament, Deuteronomy, Moses predicted that there would be many prophets who would come to the Jewish people, culminating in the final and greatest of all prophets, the Messiah. We could draw a comparison to the tragic death of John F, Kennedy.

The Late Great Planet Earth

There are many more predictions about the reigning Mes- siah who is yet to come than there were about the suffering Messiah. As a matter of fact, many Bible teachers taught that all prophecy relating to Israel's future was fulfilled in Israel's past. Once this occurred, he had no alternative but to make good his threats.

It shows that behind the neo-imperialism of the White House and George W. Napoleon tried his strutting best to establish his own Ro- man Empire. We realize that the United States is not mentioned in the Bible. We believe that the Common Market and the trend to- ward unification of Europe may well be the beginning of the ten-nation confederacy predicted by Daniel and the Book of Revelation. Japan went on to be defeated and her dreams of world conquest have been put away.

The Late Great Planet Earth - Hal Lindsey Carole C. Carlson - Google Books

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He foretold that the surviving sons of the royal family would be eunuchs in the palace of Babylon. That generation did not take seriously the credentials of the suffering Messiah. Men viewed the two portraits of the Messiah in the same manner. And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. Naturally I have to disagree with a lot of it, but I found it educational nonetheless.

He is also described as a person of great authority. Hal Lindsey is an American evangelist, best known for his books on end times prophecies, including the bestseller The Late Great Planet Earth. Whether you're a church-going believer or someone who wouldn't darken the door of a Christian institution, the Bible has much to tell you about the imminent future of this planet. The Late Great Planet Earth is one of the most popular and one of the most misleading books on end time prophecy.

It is logical to ask how the False Prophet will force this worship of the Roman Dictator. The conclusion is that Gomer and its hordes are a part of the vast area of modem Eastern Europe which is totally behind the Iron Curtain. Was this prophecy fulfilled?

Looking at the world today, it seems to be on a collision course. Every chapter is a mind opening event for our group. So Micaiah went to jail and Ahab went to battle.

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Any good history book of ancient times traces the Scythians to be a principle part of the people who make up modem Russia. People have been obsessed with the desire to know what is going to happen in the future. It was not a very cheerful prophecy, and Jeremiah probably didn't receive a standing ovation. Yep, those were the days all right.

In order to mount the large-scale invasion predicted by Ezekiel, Russia would need Iran as an ally. Hal Lindsay leaves no stone unturnedno mystery to be discoveredin his explanation of what is to come according to the Bible. Further- more, he said that Sennacherib would be assassinated in his own land. And yet governments change, men falter and fall, great ideas are sometimes rejected by the shortsightedness of other men. Another Boom Some people feel that the concern about the population explosion is exaggerated.

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People who are confronted with the state of the world today are eager to learn what the Best Seller has to say about the future. Daniel says that out of the culture of the first Roman Empire ten kings shall arise, and another king after that who is different from the ten. It was revealed to Micah that the Messiah w r ould be bom in Bethlehem. Thant went on to say that warfare along the Suez Canal had become so intense he might have to consider withdrawal of U. The point is this, in order for there to be a Temple, there would have to be a repossession of the Temple site in ancient Jerusalem.

It is important to see what Jesus was driving at. Revived review to commemorate the imminent presidency of Donald J Trump. But what I did learn from Lindsey was what the Rapture is.