Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Sweet Poison Quit Plan

David Gillespie is an Australian man who decided to ban sugar from his life and in the book he offers a well informed argument against the use of sugar, especially the fructose type of sugar. Breaking this addiction will not require willpower. The argument is that we are getting fatter due to the amount of sucrose and fructose added to pretty much every processed food we eat.

IntroductionAn extract from the Sweet Poison Quit Plan David GillespieSweet Poison Quit Plan (2010)

The more a man works out, the more testosterone he releases, the more desire he has for sex. Well worth the cost if you can find it.

We can have small amounts of sugar. It really is that simple to break an addiction. It is not a pretty picture- fructose being the main villain. So, I re-read the book and decided to go cold turkey.

An extract from the Sweet Poison Quit Plan David Gillespie

Sweet Poison is also a case study of one. This goes much deeper than being overweight - sugar really is poison. Also includes plenty of practical advice on how to quit sugar, what to buy and what to avoid.

Motivating and easy to read, it has helped me get started on reducing sugar in my diet in practical ways. Pretty one-dimensional and obsessive. Will I give up sugar completely because I read this book? We did a search for other books with a similar title, and found some results for you that may be helpful.

Do not put cigarette in mouth. They are led by the drug companies.

Sweet Poison doesn't, however, talk about the science of addiction. Having the right attitude is critically important to successfully breaking this or any addiction, and the right attitude starts with how you describe what you're doing.

Books with a similar title

Nutritionists are not good at bright-line rules. You are not giving up anything. Start the process now by telling people that this is what you are doing. It's now a matter of putting it to t Like most diet books, this one concentrates on more protein and some carbs.

However in terms of health wise, you need to exercise to increase your metabolism, give you energy and make you happy. That is easy enough to eliminate, I guess, but what really scared me is the hidden sugar in our food that is sneaked in there and which we become addicted to through stealth.

In fact, you won't feel like you're dieting at all - because you aren't. These rules will end your sugar addiction, and keep you away from the stuff forever.

And you may only eat it in combination with lettuce on Fridays before midday. This is because most people are not addicted to cocaine. Once you implement the bright-line rules, you will never need sugar in your life again, and you will do it all without exercising even the smallest modicum of willpower. Maybe not, I am no scientist. Exercise gives you endorphins.

Sweet Poison Quit Plan How to kick the sugar habit and lose weight. This is not just the obvious sugar in the coffee and sweets but all the hidden sugar in sauces, how to recover data from pen drive drinks and juices.

It is a book I will continually go back to for information and I have been following the Quit Sugar Plan and feeling heaps healthier after a month of quitting sugar. As a working explanation of how sugar affects us, it's excellent. Which of course meant then I had to buy the damned Sweet Poison Plan. Your liver needs to be detoxified with lemons?

And you won't feel deprived in any way. All the enforcer needs to know is the speed limit and your speed.

It must be eaten whilst balancing on one foot. And along with that understanding comes some very clear ideas about how to mess up these mechanics.

He needed to stop poisoning himself. But there are enough of them in there to show that you can have your cake and eat it. Eat it whenever you like and eat as much as you like, just stop when you feel full. She has found it really easy to ditch and we both feel better without it.

Was i strict and cut out sugar completely forever? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Exercising is not just about losing weight and you need to do it.

Most diet books give you lots of complicated rules and procedures to follow. She now has given up added sugar where possible cutting cakes biscuits etc and watching for added sugar in store brought products.

Basically sugar sucrose is made up of one part glucose and one part fructose. Why sugar makes us fat, is all about the science of exactly how bad sugar is for us. Bright-line rules are to be distinguished from the more touchy-feely case-by-case or discretionary rules, in which there is room for interpretation. You just have to cut out sugar. However our bodies were not meant to be digesting large amounts of fructose, therefore causing all sorts of problems.

Sweet Poison Quit Plan

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan

It raises many very interesting facts. Once you break the addiction, you won't need the rules any more. Somewhat repetitive but I guess no harm hearing the same message a few times to drive home the point. Sugar is bad - stop eating it because it messes with the ability of the body to regulate hunger.