Step Aerobics Workout

Repeat with the left foot and arm. Allow your arms to move in a way that is comfortable. The V-step is similar to the basic step making it ideal for the beginner. The difference is that when you step up on the bench, you place your right foot on the right side of the bench and the left one on the left side.

Beginner Step Aerobics Routines

Starting with weights in your gym workouts. Crafted with one-minute intervals, the movements are constantly changing and include leaps, propulsions, power squats and straddle jumps, or jumping from a straddle to the top of the bench. Follow Mobiefit facebook twitter youtube google-plus instagram. Turn your body to the left, as you step off the bench with the right foot.

Turn your body to the right, stepping down to the side of the bench on your right foot. Step down with your right foot, pushing your right arm down near your leg, and repeating on the left. Arm movements follow the feet and can be done low to the side, shoulder level or above the head for more intensity. Return to a regular stance when you step on the floor. Aerobic exercises aerobic step workouts aerobic workouts workouts for women.

Beginner Aerobic Routines. Basic Step The basic step is the easiest and often the first move taught in a step class. The basic step is the easiest and often the first move taught in a step class. There are a lot of hidden squats, jump squats, side squats, and lunge movements in this workout. This short cardio step workout goes very well with strength training for the upper or lower body.

There is no cool down in this video so make sure that you find one of our stretching videos afterwards, if you aren't moving right on to another workout. Perform eight counts and switch to the left basic. Solid toning sections feature classic floor and strength routines.

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Do three quick knee lifts with the left knee, tapping the floor with the left toe between each knee lift. All you need for this workout is an aerobic exercise step or any kind of step or bench that is stable enough for you to safely hop up and down on safely.

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Some exercises will require moderate hand weights. Remember to warm up and cool down adequately for this workout.

What other workout videos can I use with this one? However, this is not your typical exercise step workout. Turn step is a fun and easy move similar to an alternating V-step. Or, after your knee repeater, step down on the right foot and step up on the left foot to lift the right knee.

What did you think of our very first step workout video? You can repeat again on the right foot by tapping the right toe and immediately stepping back on the bench. Doing a turn step in both directions uses eight counts.

Start with the step on the lowest level until you are comfortable with stepping and your fitness improves. Swing your right arm out to the side on the right lead, and the left arm on the left lead. Also, wear a comfortable but well-fitted pair of shoes so as to avoid slippage during fast movements. Many instructors warm up by practicing the basic steps they plan to cover in the full workout.

Beginner Step Aerobics Routines

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Step aerobics is more than seeing how fast you can run up and down off a certain height. You guys have been asking for a step aerobics workout video for a very long time, asana andiappan yoga books and we have finally been able to deliver! Step aerobics offers a fun and effective workout for all fitness levels.

Regular sessions on the step will provide both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This minute workout uses a combination of cardio and strength exercises for both the upper and lower body. Tap the floor with your left foot, then step on the bench with the left foot then the right foot.

The only hurdle in step exercises is getting the actual accessory i. In addition, you can increase the intensity of your workouts even further with an adjustable step and added weights. Never use music that is faster than beats a minute to avoid tripping.

As you step, place your foot entirely on the bench. You can use however many risers you need, keeping in mind that a higher bench, as long as form is minded, will make for a higher calorie burn and more work for the lower body.

Step Patterns Step Center. Step on the bench with your right foot, then your left foot. To make the lead foot change, step off the bench with your right foot, tap your left foot on the floor and immediately step on the bench with the left foot, doing left basics for eight counts. Turn Step Turn step is a fun and easy move similar to an alternating V-step. After the third knee lift, step on the floor with the left foot, then the right foot.

You can increase the intensity of the basic step by lifting your arms overhead as you step up and lowering them as you step down. Strength and stability with Knuckle Pushups. You can do a single four-count turn step to change the lead leg. Some instructors teach alternating V-steps in which you alternate between the right and left lead on every step up. Each set is followed by a short break.

Part of the reason why it's more intense than the average normal hour long class is that I wanted to use this workout to really target the butt and thighs. This is a full-blown interval workout that gets both your cardio and strength training in order with the use of weights. Would you like more, and if so, would you like them longer?

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Step down with the right foot, followed by the left foot. Instead of working on the step for an hour or more, we put our own spin on it don't we always? We start off light enough that you won't need a separate warm up.

Beginner Step Aerobics Routines