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Until then you can either Use the unsupported Audio-only YouTube extension which is open source Use youtube-dl -x to download the stream and extract the audio. Speak the truth even if it is hard to hear. It's a snapshot of a perfect moment in music. This song talks about Darkness - the absence of light and Silence - the absence of sound. It didn't stop me killing but I loved it.

Amazing how healing a song with the correct words can be. This song always makes me feel good and motivates me.

How inspiring and profound words can be. Returning to ol haunts and seeing anew how love and hope guide our sojourns through life like a guiding star. The reason why it comes to my mind is because within the sound of silence I could get out free and have the experience of seeing everything from above.

Another problem with listening to stuff on YouTube is that you have to leave the screen on, which is both a pain and a battery drain pardon the rhyme. Is there a way to listen to YouTube videos without having the video playing? The people bow and pray to the neon god they've made and end up talking without speaking etc. It is complete without this verse, when you hear it, but I think the extra lyrics sort of tie off and add weight to the message. Fun Voice-Changing Apps for Android.

Nonetheless some streaming sites listed are down and some call for YouTube videos. As I read it, it's about alienation and apathy.

He burped out Anish, a chicken or two, and in turn he swallowed some poo! That's the best kind of poetry.

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It's so impressive, amazing and extraordinary. Get Notified about the latest hits and trends, so that you are always on top of the latest in music when it comes to your friends. Songs like this are like something out of this planet.

This song is telling you that while you are watching one thing, your neon god is feeding you something entirely different. How silent it was in my room made me think of this song.

Gorgeous, with beautiful lyrics and sound. It is written in a literary style similar to abstract art.

Use youtube-dl -x to download the stream and extract the audio. Robinson is reference to the apostate, adulteress church. The pace is the same as mine when when I walk. The pendulum swings widely. Really a sound of silence.

My girlfriend just broke up with me and as with everything that troubles me in life I went to my music for healing. Thank you to the artists for a magnificient tune! Simon and Garfunkel are great.

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It will always be a special song and stay in my heart. His vision is of thousands of people not listening, not speaking anything of import, book of chemistry and the poets aren't heard. When i long time ago heard its song listening.

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Nothing can beat originals, but I believe this cover is well worth a listen to. The words of the prophets. Are you sure you want to continue? There has been several of such great tunes but this one stands out for sure. My friend recomended it, so i found the lyrics and listened to it.

Yes, its called mind control. Even though it doesn't really have a solo she made one for it and im so totally getting that part! The more we speak, the less we say?