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Keep on the lookout for tomorrow's big baggers. Otherwise, the dividend is riskier. Regular re-read every years of one of my two favorite investment books.

Wonderful book to start with to understand investing. The other one is by the same author. The portfolio manager is immediately called on the carpet to explain why he picked this weird stock no one has heard of.

Since Amazon existed in cyberspace, and not in suburban mall space, I ignored it. One of them is his aversion to technology stocks.

His success was hard to miss. He talks about his past, his victories, and some of his failures. That way you are not bogged down by the complex verbiage. Today a long list of biotechs have revenue, and three dozen or so turn a profit, with another fifty ready to do the same.

Identify whether you're dealing with a slow grower, a stalwart, a fast grower, a turnaround, an asset play, or a cyclical. He is free to think independently and act on his judgment without fear. It is there only as a reference to see if anybody is offering to do anything foolish. If it's a low percentage, then the company has a cushion in hard times. So day trading is a casino that supports a lot of accountants.

Never invest in any company before you've done the homework on the company's earnings prospects, financial condition, competitive position, plans for expansion, and so forth. The amount of insight this book imparts in simple and easy to understand themes is invaluable. He then became a vice chairman at Fidelity and more recently has become a prominent philanthropist particularly active in the Boston area.

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All along I've been technophobic. These include what you are actually buying when you purchase stock. Took a moment to decide about reading any further - continued to read anyway because my other book was on my laptop which my son was using and I had nothing else to do. The book emphasizes through numerous examples the importance of understanding the companies you invest in, picking winners, and collecting the important facts.

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Or, if the Internet venture doesn't do well, the fact that it's an adjunct to the company's regular line of work protects investors on the downside. Apple was squeezed into a corner, where it sold boxes to percent of the market. You can find out if insiders are buying or selling or if a stock has been upgraded or downgraded by brokerage houses. If this keeps up, somebody will write a book called The Billionaire Next Door. Market a fictional proxy for stocks in general doesn't wait for a newborn Web site to prove itself in real life the way, say, Wal-Mart or Home Depot proved themselves in the last generation.

He was not overly smart or special in any kind of way when he started to invest. Philip Morris in a cigarette consumption in U. Overall it's a brilliant read. When you're a long-term investor, time is on your side. When I talk to a company that tells me the last analyst showed up three years ago, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

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Fewer people were employed in Europe at the end of than were employed at the end of the prior decade. Pass on this one and bury your money in the backyard. His amazing track record speaks for itself as he outperformed all other fund managers consistently for over two decades. This is a stake in the company and buy buying stock you actually have a small or large ownership of the company.

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Six out of ten is all it takes to produce an enviable record on Wall Street. Peter Lynch does such a great job explaining how you do not have to work on Wall Street to be successful in the stock market. He pokes fun at Wall Street foibles and comes up with some pretty strange and off-beat ideas on stock picking. If you are already a savvy financial guru, orca browser then maybe you don't need to read this.

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Good amount of basics and a somewhat more aggressive approach as compared to conservative, academic, stick to indexing approach. If a company does worse than before, its stock will fall. You didn't have to be a genetic engineer to realize that Amgen had transformed itself from a research lab into a pharmaceutical manufacturer with two best-selling drugs. Often these reports were mailed from headquarters, and it took several days for the information to arrive.

They don't own what they don't understand, and neither do I. The same thing likely will happen with the Internet. But I made two trips to Israel and two to India and one to Indonesia, and nothing happened. Sales and profits rise and fall in regular if not completely predictable fashion. It gives amateurs the confidence that we can play the market and beat the odds.

You're likely to find one. This book also shows how an average person like me could earn just as much money as the pros can and this book shows me how and why I can do this.