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Instead try to do it via the built-in safe functions, like DirectX and such. Here are some topics we've added will provide a link back to this blog.

MailPassView so I put it in the ignore list. Today i installed a legitimate program and it went to delete an addon claiming it was a virus when it was not. Now, they just dont care as there is no negative consequence fir them.

And apart from flagging, it deletes svchost. The problem is, the definitions are so broad that it detects anything remotely close to the definition. The customer will take the side of the anti virus over us. Some of them just install the adware without permission and that is really irritating. For these reasons the best choice is not to use any automatic anti-virus at all.

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Are any of them reasonably responsive to false-positive reports? False detections or no, that takes the biscuit to be still displaying one eight months later.

Most of my programs include game-specific macros, or calculators. How else does anyone expect a security program to react to such processes? Your product key was different to the one the other utility gave.

Trying to guess what these companies are using in their guessing algorithms that make their software consider my software a virus is mind-wreckingly insane. There was no mention of false positives. If all anti virus, malware, trojan, adware detectors had a shared vast databased for uncompressing all archives including dos files and files from old computers.

Right now they have us over a barrel because of this. Why not make your tools open source? But this is also commonly exploited by malware programs for keylogging, screen capturing or controlling legitimate applications.

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This makes the complete Launcher App useless. Was probably a good indicator that I should not be working for such ignorant dictators in the first place. Not everyone wearing a balaclava is necessarily a thief. We had this exact problem happen to us twice.

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But if your anti-virus package keeps giving false positives, dump it. Strangely enough, one of them was Emisoft Anti Malware. That was what brought me here. They also very simply think that every packed file has a dangerous payload. Get real, no one is going to spend that amount of time developing a virus, there is no money to be made!

All of this would have to be a fast and transparent process. If so I say we drop the programs we use and buy it and use it.

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Scarica Norton Internet Security in versione di prova, perfettamente funzionante per tre mesi. My impression is it is more a copyright enforcement spyware than an actual useful security tool. Over the past year Mcafee has been a horrible problem for us.

Questa categoria contiene programmi utili per rilevare e rimuovere virus. The only real solution is to make a website with a database for users that points to real developers. Severe loss of revenue for a small company. Or some other place to broadcast my displeasure at what these major companies are doing? Even had our company name on it, taken from the file sig.

They say this is what they would like most of all, i doubt it since they are all money orientated. Hence I presume that the two Sys. Just told it to ignore the file, and all seems good.

New developers should always be treated with suspicion. But if everybody is trying to solve this alone, there is no chance. So basically im not allowed to access my own app.

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Run the program and if all goes well, congratulate myself on my brilliance in not being stampeded into a virus panic? One good example is SysInternals.

The number of antivirus companies has doubled in recent years. So I did, and I used the software to report the virus, and they just ignored me. False positives abound, and so do malicious notifiers especially since your software can really help recover a computer from the hands of hackers. You need such program once a year or less, so put your virus defender software on off state disable it and read your key. It tagged a few viruses and identified a couple of my creative tools as potentially harmful and it tagged the real threats for quarantine and left the others untagged with a low danger rating.

But once Unlocker gets sicced on the bad boy files, they get their comeuppance really fast! As a forensic examiner, in dealing with live systems, I need to grab critical evidence without the need for av scanners to get in the way. Da provare comunque per la sua estrema leggerezza. Avast Home Edition protegge da virus ed altri agenti dannosi per il computer.

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Avira is still blocking most Nirsoft utilities. They both were flagged as having viruses from my antivirus program, google pack latest version Avira Free Antivirus. How can people run these antivirus and not know this? Prova Kaspersky Antivirus in versione demo.

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Also, the funny thing is you are forced to pay them for the lack of security in Microsoft software! The smaller companies or those that are based on a different approach would be more careful.

As far as i can see one of the best out there is Kaspersky. Norton antivirus, together with others at the time never reported such behaviour when I scanned these files for a report classification.