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Its climatic warehouse combat, partly on flopping ladders, is easily one of the best fight scenes of kung fu cinema. The awesomely sappy Cantopop soundtrack! All they can share are furtive glances, weightless words and a concrete reassurance that history forgets. At its most ingeniously cynical, the film has made a mockery of our simplistic capitalist ideals and democratic aspirations in the very same stroke. Small wonder this contemporary ghost story has been canonised as one of the great Chinese-language films.

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Fong was named best director at the Hong Kong Film Awards for each of his first three films. The greatest of Qing dynasty court dramas also happens to be the most historically important Hong Kong film ever made. No one does a forced smile better than Ma in this family melodrama. No doubt ironically titled, android jelly bean 4.2 Motherhood presents a restrained subversion of the Cantonese family melodrama tradition. It was dead from the beginning.

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At that point, I was so smitten I just said yes. The Earth is too dangerous. We are only British objects. Could you help out even if I were looking all depressed? His master gambler Ko Chun has left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness.

Ha cements her sex symbol status in this landmark period erotica of progressive feminist and existentialist undertones. Re-edited with a new storyline about American arms smugglers, Dangerous Encounters remains a hysterical thriller soaked with teen violence and full-on social anarchy. This, incidentally, is where thieves in shades became all the rage. Our newsletter hand-delivers its best bits to your inbox. Not even an unsettling search for her birth mother could dampen this truly buoyant song-and-dance showcase.

Also featuring the now-customary Wong Kar-wai spoofs. You can also manage your settings. Hitchcock would have smiled with envy. Frenetically paced throughout, the backstage comedy cum espionage thriller provides a hugely exhilarating spin on the political chaos of s China.

As though looking through a dusty window pane, the past is something he could see, but not touch. Its tragic sense of fatalism is haunting. We already have this email. The fact is that the bird hasn't gone anywhere.

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Lu plays Madam Tung, a dignified middle-aged widow soon to be honoured by the emperor for her chastity. Tonight I dine with Tam Lan-hing. And everything he sees is blurred and indistinct. But if you fight, you must aim to win!

Lee makes great play on his character as the country boy without weapons confronting the denizens of the technologically-powerful West and winning hands down. Why did you make me steal? It adds up to a wry panorama of everyday dreams and aspirations, often - but not always - doomed to be dashed.

It hit his brain and he was killed instantly. But better dress up first. The conflicted psyche of an expert swordfighter is unforgettably captured in this Shaw Brothers classic, which launched an iconic character that would be recycled over the decades.

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If low on realistic characterisation, this swordplay fantasy hypnotises with its brooding ambience and imaginative weaponry. It is the revolutionary crowd. Everything is about money. Kung fu stars of yesteryear carry this spirited homage to an old genre by two up-and-coming directors. Guess what happened to them?

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Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Patriotic fluff it certainly is, but Yen displays enough deadpan cool and dignified invincibility to shine in the role of his life. Have you ever seen bad guys wear white? An unforgettable minute waltz into hopelessness.