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However, new ones may not be as easy know. This album concerns itself with music that was part of the day-to-day life of the Hausa people at the time of the recording. If you are a fan of the Hausa movies then you have the opportunity to download and watch them online. The last wife got pregnant and refused to terminate it. Song in Praise of Nigeria.

If you do not mind these adverts then sponsored websites are better options for you to download and watch Hausa movies. It has news and links that relate to the Hausa movie industry.

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Top 10 Nigerian Hausa Movies To Watch For Free

Their intended relations was seriously opposed but in the end, they came out victorious. Always stay on the right side of the law and deal with the legal websites.

Thus, when searching for the best website, include keywords such as free, sponsored or paid. Once you find your favourite movie, then you can go to the site you identified in step one and look for it. Horn and Drum Ensemble of the d'An Galadima.

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Trumpet Fanfare for the Emir of Zaria. Fanfare for the Sultan of Sokoto Traditional. Although basically agricultural in nature, the Hausa society is extremely complex.

The second issue you need to consider is the legality of the site where you want to stream or download Hausa movies. Praise Song for a Hunter Traditional. Singing and Drumming for Farmers.

This comic movie will blow your mind. The industry based in Kano state, Nigeria is a part of the bigger platform Nollywood, which superintends and regulates movie production in the northern part of the country.

They can create fake passwords and codes either to allow you to access the movies to their advantage or to hurt a competitor. Styles African Folk African Traditions. Chiroma hears the cry of a certain woman in his dreams. Under this platform, you find only Hausa-language Nigerian movies which are mainly produced in the north.

Despite shortcomings in the written documentation, this is a well-programmed collection, and a few of the selections would make any ethnic music fan's lists of greatest hits. Hausa movies are available online in a variety of dedicated websites. Soldiers last night, took over the streets of Makurdi, the Benue State capital, a few hours after the quick intervention of the police averted what could have sparked a fresh mayhem in the state.

Even among musicians there are layers of specialization that might make Western listeners think of their medical community. You need to find a website that will offer information regarding the new Hausa movie releases. Gabar Cikin Gida is one movie that is a must watch. This is a collaborative wiki-based web page and directory created for the dissemination of accurate and organized information about Hausa movies.

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Long before Hausa movies were absorbed in Nollywood, there existed a Hausa Language film industry called Kannywood. The sponsored sites are essentially free but as you stream the movies, able2extract professional 7.0 you will be interrupted by a variety of advertisements that are in most cases annoying.

Bearing in mind the conservative cultural values of the Hausas, this body plays a surveillance role as it helps curbs the excesses of obscene pictures and misrepresentation of values. Singing and Drumming for Farmers Traditional. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Zaharadee Sani, Jamila Umar, Sadiq.

She, however, meets another man who later offered to bring her back to her family. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Hackers can do anything and one of their targets is private websites that store movies for restricted access.

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What kind of marriage is this where housewives become lazy even to do their domestic chores. Singing and Drumming in Praise of Blacksmiths.

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Trumpet Fanfare for the Emir of Zaria Traditional. Hausa Movies of all genres are some of the most educative, interesting and action packed Nigerian films you can ever watch. Song in Praise of Nigeria Traditional. For paid sites, you may be needed to pay some money before you can access the files to download or stream.

One website that will give you a detailed description of these movies isHausaFilm. Read the full statement below. Royal Drums of the Emir of Zaria.

You may need to be specific as to which option fits your situation. The Nigerian Army has directed all its officers and men to immediately commence the learning of the three major Nigerian languages. The deep bass pulse of the drums is vividly recorded, and most listeners will agree that this far surpasses any trip to the supermarket butcher that they might have made in their lifetimes. According to the notes, there were at least five million of the Hausa people in Nigeria at the time of these recordings, whenever that was. All you need to do is just watch and laugh.

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