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Possibly a perfect example of how to make an entertaining film on a shoe-string budget, The Evil Dead delivers what it promises, the ultimate in grueling horror. German Movie Title Translations. And let's not forget the unforgettable tree love scene, ridiculous and hilarious simultaneously. Add this title to your Watchlist. Truly magnificent technique, t-shirt logo design software however they did it.

Bruce Campbell as Ash, the badass of all zombie films. In my opinion, this is by far the best of the trilogy, and although there could have been more of the chainsaw, this is the definitive zombie film and probably always will be. They then had to be thawed by the fireplace inside the cabin. Campbell is Ash, period, and always will be.

When the car was going across the bridge, the rear passenger side tire broke through, but when they drove it out the rear driver side of the car came up and the front passenger side dropped down. It gets even better once the action starts. This is what would happen if the rear driver side tire had fallen through.

One of the most impressive openings I can think of, perfection in pacing and atmosphere. It's meant to be campy, cheesy, revolting and chilling at the same time. This is perfectly exemplified in the beginning of the film, where the camera alone creates enough atmosphere to leave you biting your nails in suspense of what's to come. If you've ever liked any horror film, this is an absolute must-see. It's blood, gore, camera work, and shock factor are still formidable even today and are what make this such a cult classic.


Possibly nothing, but I'll try. Characters With Scary Eyes. What more can be said of Raimi's legendary cult-classic that hasn't already been beaten to death like a puss-oozing zombie that crosses paths with Ash?

Evil Dead 4 3gp Movie Download In

By using fast camera work and aggressive shots, Raimi has created an eerie world that is sometimes hard to look at but too entertaining to turn away from. His style from behind the camera is absolutely unmistakable. If you can accept this and you're not put off by mannequin ultra-violence, then you should find yourself on the supporter's side of the fence. First, Raimi's camera work is truly masterful.

There are moments in the film where it seems to be making fun of itself and the genre in general. Those who are squeamish need not apply. Case in point, the zombie screaming from the cellar door.


In their case, the rear passenger side should have come up and the front driver side should have come down. The zombie growls and howls themselves are enough to send shivers up one's spine. The temperatures were so cold at time during shooting that the camera and other wiring froze. More To Explore Search on Amazon.

As a matter of fact, just run for your girly life. You feel at any moment someone is going to get their neck chomped on by some zombie hiding just out of view. Love or hate it, there it is. There are several reasons this film succeeds.

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Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. One of the most impressive shots is where the darkness from the trees begins to chase people, knocking any tree or obstacle down that happens to be in it's way. Trivia The temperatures were so cold at time during shooting that the camera and other wiring froze.