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Anyway, Shoreditch is a great shout. Best Motion Picture Drama.

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In terms of the basic requirements of three-reel drama the film lacks substance, credibility, a decent script and characters you might actually care for. Hi James, The thing that comes immediately to mind is City Dash! Bookings are in two hour slots and can be made online. All of your suggestions are top notch so will look into all of them further.

Hi Emily, this list is so exciting. Director Matthew O'Callaghan and screenwriter Ken Kaufman haven't tried to create a film that's hip, just one that's funny and sweet, and in that sense they've succeeded. You basically get locked in a room and there are clues and you have to get out in within an hour. Tickets cost around a tenner and must be booked in advance. Anything you can recommend would really help me out!

This is based in East London. Get into bingo Unconventional bingo halls are popping up all over London.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (film)

Henson entered negotiations to be cast into the film. There is also a branch in Covent Garden. Dress up for Blitz Party Blitz Party is a monthly ish event that recreates the glamour of s Blighty.

You could do a wakeboarding sesh at Wake Up London, or flyboarding would be super fun! Informizely customer feedback surveys. Graphic sexual imagery in biopic of famous photographer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They had a ball pit, tarantulas and lots of live music.

Let me know if you stumble across any more to add to my list! Extremely brutal Western about violence, consequences. Have had lots of inspiration! Aah, thank you so much Monique!

Okay, so ideas for Camden. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Past events have included jewellery-making, paper-cutitng and live portraiture.

View this post on Instagram. Benjamin later reunites with the terminally-ill Thomas who reveals he is Benjamin's father and leaves Benjamin his button company and his estate. Discover Russian spa Banya No. Whistle Punks Axe Throwing near Vauxhall offers willing punters the chance to learn how to throw blunt weapons at targets with terrifying and deadly accuracy. There are lessons for total beginners, improvers and experienced dancers, and time is set aside at the end of the evening for extra practice.

Do you have any special interests? They also have a branch in South Kensington. If you like jazz then make a performance reservation for Nightjar near Old Street, or its new bar, Oriole. Bletchley Park is just around the corner from the train station, so no crazy non-London bus routes necessary. My birthday is soon approaching, you have given me more than enough ideas, which suit my budget!

But time becomes precious for Ted when George has an entire new city to explore. Go to the opera The marketing people at the London Coliseum, home of the English National Opera, are painfully aware that its key demographic is, er, dying out a bit. Full listings are available online. Gateau says he made it that way as a memorial, so that the boys they lost in the war, including his own son, could come home again and live full lives.

Curious George is probably the purest family movie in years. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button film. Frank Welker as Curious George. George is just so darn cute with his big eyes and bright smile and perpetually sunny disposition, vpn for iranian users he's pretty much impossible to resist.

You take a bottle of your own booze gin? Think that could be a winner. Visual Effects Society Awards. Do some gin tasting at The London Gin Club.

During a patrol, the tugboat finds a sunken U. Discover London through a lens Put that fancy camera to good use and explore the rich landscape of East London, overflowing with ephemeral art and quirky characters. Pop in to one of his stores in Angel, Soho or Bank to try a thick, creamy cupful of molten chocolate laced with fragrant winter spices. Dinner Is Coming at the Vaults, Waterloo. Gateau's clock was replaced with a digital clock that ran forward.

Go for ice cream Gelupo is my absolute favourite ice cream shop in London. You need to be in teams of two or three and everyone needs a smartphone. Reserving a place is essential and should be done here. Hi Emma, so glad you like it! Sophie Turner is best part of intense, dark X-Men finale.

Gilliam's dark, challenging, but fantastic Quixote movie. It covers shooting locations from the movies and tonnes of trivia from the wizarding world. They take you around the premises and you get a lot of free beer. Tours last minutes and run on Thursdays and Saturdays. Go white water rafting Hiding away in Waltham Cross is the massive Lea Valley watersports facility that was initially built for the Olympics.

In summer, try his homemade ice cream with melted chocolate sauce. Chaffin said Pitt and Blanchett finished their scenes in Mandeville earlier Tuesday morning at the Lewisburg set. Do you have any recommendations? Potty humor and peril in so-so animated sequel. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

Not suitable for vegetarians! Nine ethical London businesses worth your time and money. Houston Film Critics Society Awards.