Computer Themes For Windows 8

The start menu is given an overhaul and even the system icons are converted to grey. Installation takes less than a minute time. The start menu is tweaked, and there comes a number of different tweaks to the close, minimize and other buttons. After the successful installation, the program asks for a system reboot.

50 Best Windows Themes

After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology. This theme is also made by Neiio, the makers of Elune. Download Abisso Dark Theme. The theme supports a number of different icons inside it and comes with an elegant theme.

Your email address will not be published. Also, note that there are many missing icons and you will have to custom place the icons from the standard Windows setup. Most of the icons are unchanged and you are going to have the same icons as you would find before installing the theme.

Lovejeet is a Proud Geek and tech. Notify me of new posts by email. Also, the whole theme is set upon a white base. Again a theme from neiio, this theme will make you have a better workflow and will eventually increase your productivity. There are a lot of transparent features in the theme.

Best Windows 8 Themes List To Transform Your Desktop

Most of the themes included here come with a white accent, and the same goes with this theme. Even the mouse pointers on this theme remain more or less the same.

The theme also helps you to make your overall work area look bigger. Thetechhacker is a website where you could find out almost anything related to technology. The minimize, maximize, and close buttons on the theme look quite great and we have a good amount of customization on the Media Player, the Media Player on this theme looks quite great.

The icons in the theme are customized and mostly all the icons have their own set of a theme. Here we have White and Blue ascents which make the theme appear bright and standouts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Last but not the least he is a true gamer by heart. Even the different wallpapers we get with the theme are based upon the white color scheme, this makes most of the components of the Theme stand out.

The theme also comes with its own selection of icons and even there are a few icons missing which makes the windows to display a blank icon. This theme is made by neiio, and it comes with a host of changes on the traditional windows look. There is a large selection of wallpapers available in the theme which you can apply as per your selection. There is a simple selection of wallpapers.


50 Best Windows Themes

But customizing the desktop manually can take a lot of time. It is one of the best theme patchers with features like non-problematic installation, backup feature, fast easy and free.

The caption buttons on the window are quite good, there is even a new scrollbar and a new navigation button set. Most of the menus in the theme are the same as it is, hence there are many elements which still contains the original windows feel, even after applying the theme. All the different menus, taskbar, and the status bar are changed, most of the menus in the theme are changed. This application has an overall red theme which is further complemented by Red accents at many places.

There are a set of assorted wallpapers which mimics the feel of glass especially on the taskbar and the status bar, and the menu bar. The menus and other components are shrunk a bit, with a new set of icons which are exclusive to the theme. The Start Menu on the theme looks out of place and is something which is not merging well with the theme. The basic color scheme of the windows is changed to grey, white, and black which is a nice combination in order to soothe your eyes.

He loves to tinker around with his gadgets and when he find something new and exciting, he shares it with you on this blog. Hence your old small screen will become bigger by using this theme. This theme also has an assorted collection of wallpapers which further complements the whole black and red combination. There is a color theme which you can set to blue, red, yellow, green, or any other color. There are a few different types of taskbars which are available with the theme and hence you can really customize the inside of the theme as well, which is not available with other themes.

As the name suggests you are going to make most of the icons, the wallpaper, the windows explorer made up of soft translucent glass. Icons on Windows are more or less the same, with minimal customizations towards the icons.

27 Best Windows 8 Themes for your Desktop

27 Best Windows 8 Themes for your Desktop

The taskbar comes with an overall white background and the icons are showcased with a blue layout. The icons are not much changed, and same goes for the wallpapers, hence here you are not getting any assorted wallpapers list. Footer Thetechhacker is a website where you could find out almost anything related to technology.

Even the My Computer is customized to a whole different level. Another theme which gives an elegant look to your computer.

Another theme which is going to mimic the white and black contrast. Another great feature of the theme is the icons which we get with the theme, all the icons are customized a bit at least. Here we get a new set of icons which is again unique for the theme, there is also a number of different icons and settings for the taskbar which gives the taskbar a unique and eye-catching look.

Mostly the icons are embedded in blue with white space to display the icon. Do note that this theme will change some of the icons hence at the start you might have to search for different icons as you might get confused. With this theme, you are again going to get a Black and White ascent combination. With a different look with its assorted set of wallpapers, the theme makes out the most for you. As the name suggests you are getting the same from the Theme.

Top 20 Windows 8 Themes To Make Your Desktop Visually Super Cool50 Best Windows 8.1 Themes

All of these themes are from Deviantart. Before getting started, blender animation software first you need to know how to install and apply themes. You might have to follow a few additional instructions to install some of these themes. Windows always offer tons of customization options.