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Santa came to visit the Kindergarten Section to the great delight of the students who greeted him with squeals of joy. The Conclave was interesting as it dealt with matters pertaining to the merits and demerits of our education system and of the system of selection of Captains. The programme highlighted the three kinds of intelligences namely, Instinctive, Intuitive and Logical and how story-telling benefits student-learning. They were trained to make backdrops and handled light and sound themselves. Location of hotel is superb.

With added vituperative and malicious remarks against him, more than copies were detected at the Central Mail Exchange. President Sirisena is now awaiting his recommendations including opinion on laws they may have violated as a prelude to court action.

The students were given a hands-on experience on making a very simple game using the software. The students were made aware of how to improve their communications skills giving emphasis to body language and gestures. It was an enriching experience for our Teachers as the workshop helped them understand simple, yet innovative, methodologies, using tablets.

In the process, they are also baring the fact that mobile phones are also being snooped on with new equipment. After the nature walk, the students sat in the Skating Rink area to enjoy a Nature drawing session, followed by singing and playing. Nritya was indeed a visual feast for one and all. The President named some newspapers of supporting Wickremesinghe.

The workshop highlighted the technicalities of movie making and how cinema has evolved over the years. Click the link below and get directions to your closest Sherwin-Williams store. They also learnt the science behind the flying of aircrafts. Open the required Hiru news item.

There are over injured, some of them seriously. Colorful Corner One room can pull double duty when you use color to define a space within a space. Explanation on how the trucks and firemen worked was given to them. Their confidence and dance skills were a treat to watch.

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Choose a dynamic hue for one corner. Students participated with great enthusiasm. Clever use of color can help make the most out of every square inch.

Chandana Jayarathna's Meth Saviya. The students gifted a card to them as a keepsake. Many families shifted the venue to their homes and chose to invite only an immediate circle of relatives and friends. Students and parents across Mumbai got an opportunity to learn more about the inter-woven learning experience offered by Krea University for their B. The report and the relevant annexures can be downloaded.

Questions were asked and answered. The scenic beauty leading to Bhandara dam and the serenity it offers filled the students with a sense of liberation, away from the clogged air of the city. Educational Publications Dept.

Loyalty card number digit number on your card. The intent of the workshop was to help the students hone their skills in speaking expressively and effectively. The students then enjoyed a dance session and dinner, after which they received a special Memento. Destination, hotel name Required fields.

Professionals who have been successful in their respective fields were brought in to speak to the students. Interesting games were played and students also danced to their favourite numbers. It was an interactive session which provided the students with a bird's eye view of Amity University, Mumbai. She was accompanied by Mr. We all know that protecting oneself is self-defense.

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Fun, dancing singing and games were the order of the day. One need hardly say this is an extremely dangerous situation. Your email address will not be published. Here's all you need to know. It doesn't matter much if there is some problem in the hotel, minecraft pc games when there is a nice person to talk to you.

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Shivani Savant, an acclaimed theatre, personality conducted the highly interactive workshop. They were made aware of the problems caused by crackers and they have promised not to burst any instead donate that money to the charity.

The focus was on concept development, consistent formative assessments and alpha mathematics. Open up the possibilities and the feeling of space by looking for ways to use color in interesting ways. The teachers in turn put up a touching presentation showing what they felt was most special about each student. At the end of the day, it was the Yellow House that emerged victorious.

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Munching sandwiches, they discussed strategy over what should be discussed with the President. Meetings and events meetings. Various traffic rules were discussed. This was followed by a fresh water massage under the cascading waterfalls - undoubtedly the highlight of the day.

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