Blockword Puzzles

Connect the blocks without any spaces left! Different from maze and riddle like games, Block Puzzle is an addictive, easy and logical game.

Twenty clues for you to solve with this printable puzzler. World Capitals - Travel around the world as you supply the name of the country that matches each capital city.

Lately we have been having lots of fun over on the Facebook Page. This puzzle collection brims with Christmas cheer. Classroom Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Also enjoy word searches, jigsaw puzzles, hidden pictures, connect-the-dots, spot the difference, lion simulation game and maze games. Got an Idea or Suggestion? This crossword is built from some of those. These are only a sampling of the talent this country has produced!

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Give us a like, and don't miss out. You'll be challenged and entertained for hours.

Choose the one word that is spelled correctly and write it in the puzzle. Plus, they're just plain fun!

You'll be surprised at how many words are possible. This puzzle touches on her personal life as well as on her stage and film career. This game is guaranteed to get you addicted! The solution will slowly begin to reveal itself as you move from clue to clue. How much do you know about Presidential names?

What they lack in history, they make up in popularity. Stars of the Silver Screen Can you work out these award winning stars?

Paris Hilton This quiz contains several clues and answers related to Paris Hilton. These are more difficult than most of the crosswords on this list.

Hints and Solutions Available Stuck on a puzzle or want to check your work? Crossing Julia She's America's sweetheart. Just supply the second item in each pair. Check your knowledge about this interesting trivia as you complete the crossword.

Plan to succeed in your next spelling bee! American Holidays and Observances There's so much to celebrate! If you like free printable crossword puzzles, I think you'll enjoy this one!

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They can be played online or printed out and solved later. Discover your new addiction! Index Newest Popular Best. Humphrey Bogart Answers mostly relate to the people and places in Bogey's life.

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Or if you prefer, you can find us on Pinterest. An occasional left-field clue to add interest. Enjoy this crossword about him. Another newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, also publishes a daily crossword puzzle online. All inquiries will receive a response within hours - but usually far quicker than that!

All of the puzzles are free. These puzzles are both printable and online puzzles that provide fun for the whole family.

Solve these crossword puzzles on paper or onlineEasy Printable Crossword Puzzles for All Ages

Fun Free Printable Crossword Puzzles

Canadian Cities Word Search. Printable Version and Answer. Using only a short list of clues and your own wits, determine the relationships between each person, place or thing by filling in the given grid with X's and O's.

What a relaxing break from the computer screen! Every answer has at least two pairs of double letters.

Printable puzzle and answers. How long will it take you to sail through this free printable crossword puzzle? Test and improve your brain power with interesting puzzles. Rosettas These brand new number puzzles offer a new twist for fans of traditional Sudoku. That's where Printable-Puzzles.

Solve this easy puzzle before your next trip to the mall! Check your knowledge of lots of special days, anytime of year. Just about everyone plays crossword puzzles or other word games from time to time.