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Any chance you could do a couple of those? Buy on Best Buy Buy on Verizonwireless.

If you prefer a European flavor to your classic ringtones, try this double-tone ring. Hello David English, I found your sites after searching for vintage ringtones. Have a look there to set your new tone! We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. The easiest way is using Pushbullet to send the files from your desktop to your phone.

10 Free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones

Does anyone have suggestions on how to install this ringtone on a prepaid cell phone? How many times have you heard the default iPhone ringtone in public and mistakenly thought it was yours? Hi Lauren, I don't have your e-mail address so I can't e-mail you. For many people, a Nokia phone was their first cell phone.

Not sure why you didn't mention this, but I went to makeuseof on my phone and downloaded one of the ringtones directly to the phone itself saving the extra steps. There may be a simpler way to do this, but this method works for me. As an added bonus, the Cadence has a voice dialing feature for hands-free calling, a functionality that most smartphones now have. If you share my nostalgia for classic phones, and your carrier allows you to download or install new ringtones, check out the antique phone sounds below.

2. Classic UK Phone Ring

How do I download to my iPhone, hmm. Without dozens of apps running in the background, your new cell phone should maintain its battery life longer than the typical smartphone. Your email address will not be published.

That Exalt can also be used as a mobile hotspot to share your network connection with other devices, which makes this phone a great combination of basic functionality and new technology. That directory shows up under an Internal Storage heading on my connected phone. After syncing your iPhone with iTunes, you can use the Settings app to apply the ringtone. Thus, this short tone alerted thousands to their first on-the-go phone call. What a great site, found all the ringtone I was looking for, nfs carbon installer highly recommended.

Classics like Leave it to Beaver and Magnum P. Hey Ontoward, I found this! Battery Life - Remember when phone batteries used to last past bedtime?

Charging the battery all the way from zero takes just under four hours, which is in line with other non-fast charging devices. The best way to be cool is to be so uncool you come out the other side.

Start by finding your favorite above, then right-clicking it and choose Save As. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these cell phones, from their keyboards to their screens.

Vintage Phone Ringtones

2. Classic UK Phone Ring

Do you have a recording of it, please, or could you perhaps point me to a place where I might download it? And you can use the free Audacity software along with other recommended programs to convert the files.

Bells, Chimes, and Horns These are traditional bells, chimes, and car horn sounds. Buy on Best Buy Buy on Consumercellular.

10 Free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! At the mo I use the Our Man Flint one.

Then use the app on your phone to download the files to your internal storage. When I click the ring tone to listen there is no way to go back to the page. They recreate the ringing sounds of various vintage phones. Thank you so much for this!

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We recommend you take a browse and find which one you like best. Nokia has released several renditions of this, including a piano and dubstep mix, but the original beep-boop reigns supreme. BlackBerry Messenger Shuts Down. Who ever thought a ringtone could be scary?

Vintage Phone Ringtones

Or better yet, the brrring, brrring, brrring you hear in the movies from vintage phones from the s and s. Buy on Amazon Buy on Cricketwireless.

Here's a complete guide to finding, editing, and setting a new ringtone on Android. But you can stand out by using one of these retro tones instead.

From there, you can select the ringtones you want transferred to your iPhone. Are any of those a good fit? What the hell good are they if you can't download them. Your iPhone or iPad can now sound like an antique or vintage phone. The intuitive interface takes only minutes to master, and the large buttons are easy to see and operate even one-handed.

Many of the older phones do not support adding or loading ringtones. There are some smarts to this phone as well.

The 11 Best Basic Cell Phones of

The 11 Best Basic Cell Phones ofRingtones how to get and use them

If, however, you want email access or limited app capabilities, a larger screen will serve you better. However, I could not find a way to actually download any of them into my cell phone. Search for the folder where you saved the ringtone and load it into iTunes.

The interface is also as user-friendly as it gets with a simple layout that's easy to learn. However, in the meantime, it could fit your needs.