Aaja Piya Tohe Pyar Doon Remix

Many of them are even well-known. We do use it a lot, as in sun re or sun ri. But otherwise, jsut superb! And Aaja re aa zara aa is certainly a fabulous song!

Importantly, all of them begin with the word Aaja. Aaja aaja, aaja piya, aaja ke intezaar mein. In place of that, I would have Aaja mere pyar ke sahare Humsaya in it. Very nice list, and what a charming reason for it to be written!

Rajinder Krishan has penned very meaningful lyrics. Thank you, Anna, for those songs! Aaja re mere pyaare ke raahi is a lovely song. Really just an inspiration for a brief section of the song. The mist, the pine trees, the waterfall, the rocks.

Hindi Lyrics Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Du Remix Flv

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Where do you get such post ideas, Madhu? May I just say that my list on this theme had every song on this list except the one from Anmol Ghadi? Considering the reason for this post, Aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera deserves to be the first song on the list.

And this one is staunchly in the realm of come-hither. My daughter is fond of this one too, because I sing it too her often. Everything about Main toh kabse khadi is paar impresses me.

Gently, sweetly, believably. Absolutely fantastic song! Let me give the background for this.

Hindi Lyrics Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Du Remix Flv

Noorjehan sings a song of despair, a woman in love but separated from the man she loves, and certain that her love is never going to find its happy ending. Here is something funny that I would like to narrate and that is a funny dialogue from a Hindi play.

Give my love to your daughter. It took me back to India and family when the radio was on most of the time. Is Jaajaa even one word, or is Jaa inherent in Jaa jaa? Such intimacy in a party is misplaced. Mori payal binati karat Balma o balma suna tu man ki been par do listen when u get time, u may like it!

What a hauting song is aaja ke intezar me, love it! That reminded me of reading somewhere that Clark Gable had notoriously bad breath, and how his co-stars flinched every time they had to kiss him! Notify me of new posts via email. Ramchandra could do nothing wrong in those days, it seems. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

It has been so many years since I heard the Ek Jhalak song. So, it breaks the rule slightly. We, of course, used about four rooms in all and kept the rest locked up.

Hello madhuji, yes, i will make the song list. May I just post five more songs? Yes, this one was one of the very few songs from that period that I actually like! They should have given her an extra song or filmed it again as her solo performance. Dilip Kumar, curious, his eyes alight.

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What a lovely inspiration for the list. Which reminds me of an anecdote too.

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Harvey also posted this song from Oonce Log. Yet, here is a song I like from Baharon ke Sapne. These are in no particular order.

Nice one, and Mahendra Kapoor sounds good. Aaja bedardi balma from shaheed aaja panchhi akela hai, but some one must have posted it already!

The singer a very attractive Joy Mukherji, lip-synching to the deliciously seductive voice of Rafi would however like to get rid even of the distances that remain. The leading lady in russian original of s played guitar, I suppose it considered trendy and romantic at that time and now they just remake it frame-by-frame. Aa jaao tadapte hai armaan Aaja aaja raat dhali May I just say that my list on this theme had every song on this list except the one from Anmol Ghadi? Interesting analysis and good song selections.

Aaja Piya Tohe Pyar Doon By Various Mp3 Song

It healed but suddenly now it is troubling me once again, which is why I have not been very active on the net. The very first screen shot showed which song you have in the list and it is my favourite. Must get my parents to listen to it and see if they can recognize what the original is. Does the imperativeness, the urgency which is invariably a part of Hindi love songs that use aaja in the lyrics come through more when the word is aaja and not aa?

Does happen with several Hindi words and phrases roti-voti? While on the topic of Shammi Kapoor, another song which features him, and begins with Aaja.

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And oh, how popular Aaja re o mere dilbar aaja used to be once upon a time! As you can see from the first screenshot in the post, Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon occurred to me, animal sounds with pictures too.

Now for a complete change of pace, scene and tone. Really lovely song, and Talat is so good, as ever.